Thursday, March 23, 2017

Post Op Appointment, Day 9

Had my post-op appointment today and all went really well! Took x-rays, went over my images from the surgery, and also got the stitches out. I asked about how much I can do and about pushing it too much, because knowing me I am more likely to do too much too fast, than not enough. “It’ll tell you. Just listen to your knee.” She said. Which makes sense- it’s also pretty much how I base my training: If it feels good, push it a little. If it’s feeling sore/tired/swollen, slow it down and rest. I was given a compression sock to wear in place of the wrap followed by the statement “If it can’t swell, it won’t swell” and I was on my way. Didn’t have anything out of the normal to talk about and I’m well aware of my ‘homework’ between now and my follow up appointment with my surgeon Dr. Vidal in 4 weeks.

I also left my crutches at home this morning, as I felt confident in my quad control and the crutches were proving to be more of a hassle than help. So 8 days was the magic number 😊

I feel so ‘free’ so to say now with no crutches or stitches… nothing ‘holding me together’! Well.. except for the big screw in my tibia! 😳

Today was also the first time I really felt a sense of joy/happiness since the surgery. Yes I was in a good mood with positive thoughts and such, but that alone doesn’t mean that you are truly happy inside. It was a small sensation of the feeling you get after working hard and achieving something- much like reaching a summit or crossing a finish line or... successfully getting through the first few hurdles of post ACL surgery 😛

The screw is for double fixation, I believe is what she called it. Basically it is to pull the graft/new ACL tighter.

Side View

No stitches finally!

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