Sunday, July 16, 2017

4 months

This month has been.... exponentially better than the previous few! I was limited with what I could do previously, as I had to be careful how much I used my left quad and leg. Otherwise, any over use (whether intentional or not), and the area where they took my tendon would flare up, swell, and overall the knee would just ache.

But it's as if my quad tendon somehow magically grew back right at the very end of 3/beginning of 4 months post op. I asked my surgeon how long it takes for the tendon to grow back afterwards, and he said he honestly wasn't sure, and it's different for everyone. I can certainly say it took a full 3 months for me. No more hollow feeling right above my knee cap, woo hoo! 😀

Looking somewhat normal!

I had another check in with my surgeon, and was cleared for hiking/running/14ers. So of course, I immediately go outside and play! It is great to be back out even if it takes a little more work than normal- and that's 100% ok with me! I do over analyze every single step, foot placement, and feeling in my knee while I'm out n about playing in the mountains. It was and still is 2x as hard mentally on all of my hikes/outings as opposed to before, given that extra focus and thought that goes into each and every step- it only takes one misstep! I've done some sketchy hikes for 4 months post op I'll admit, but that also required 2-3x more work(focus) than normal.

Careful pole placement before every step is critical!

'Don't push it!' I've heard countless times, and I listen every time. That's part of the reason why I wear my brace while I'm out and about. As a reminder. A brace will not stop an a full ACL tear- if that much pressure/twisting is on your leg, a brace is useless in stopping it. If there is a brace that is 100% guaranteed to prevent ACL tears... let me know! Im convinced though it does help keep my knee straight and encourages forward motion as opposed to sideways. It reminds me mentally to dial it back... what I need some (most) of the time..!

In the last month, all within 90-120 days post op:
- Skinned uphill at Arapahoe Basin, and hiked back to the area I hit the rock
- Hiked Torreys/Grays via Kelso Ridge
- Hiked/slept on Mt. Bierstadt
- Mountain biked at Green Mountain, near Winter Park, Buffalo Creek, Hartman Rocks, and Hidden Mesa
- Hiked Mt. Antero/ Cronin
- Hiked 13er Whale Peak
- Jumped in numerous alpine lakes
- Hiked up and around Rollins Pass
- Numerous short 2-3 mile runs on pavement

Always careful, but always enjoying every minute out
I thought for sure I had pushed it a little hard a few times and expected to wake up to a swollen knee requiring a few weeks of rest. But no none, not once. I can't explain it... It's like wait... I just had knee surgery! Nothing is really playing out how I thought it was going to go (in a good way..!). It did ache while camping at 14,000ft. There are odd pulls and pops. And it still hurts to wear jeans/tight pants, so I know it is still healing.

Where I'm assuming I clipped the rock! 

I could not go downhill without my poles... #1 post ACL op hiking necessity!

My knee cap definitely feels a little odd, given the bump you can see here!

Next up: work on slowly adding miles to my runs! I cannot wait to be able to go out on a 10-13 mile run... feel that runners high again! In the meantime... it's mountain biking and hiking!

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